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Art Spotlight


Gabriella H.
Dallas, Texas

Just like flowers people can bloom and grow in unexpected places. Moving around so much growing up has helping me grow as a person and learn new things the were unexpected.

Home is Where the Army Sends Us

Lara O.
Arlington, VA

"With every move a military teen goes through comes a new house. Each house comes with its own set of features and memories. This piece depicts a house made up of the most memorable features from all the unique homes I’ve lived in."

Blanket Piano

Lara O.
Arlington, VA

During PCS, pianos and other instruments are stuck on a truck or boat and sent to their next destination. During that time, musicians need something else to practice on, something else to remind them of home.

Seeds of Friendship

Zoe B.
South Korea

This piece illustrates how military-connected friend groups can be split apart by multiple moves, and when that happens it's hard for everyone involved. Everyone flies off on their own path, at first soaring through the air (figuratively and, often, literally), with nothing to think about but all you're leaving behind... and all there is to come. And while you may not stay in touch with that friend group, you'll always remember them as where your seed came from, as you land and grow your roots and your flowers up to the sky and meet new friends. Then on a windy day you fly away again to a new location, leaving another stem behind. But the stems always stay with you.

Bloom Where You're Planted

Gabriella H.
Puerto Rico

This symbolizes how dandelions grow almost anywhere even in the most adverse conditions, they bloom anywhere they can. After being moved around many times in my life with my two little sisters I feel as though we had to “bloom” and spread our roots and get adjusted to each new place. But even so I know I will always have my sisters there with me. Which is why I decided to paint three small dandelions in the painting.


Alannisse S.
Puerto Rico

I decided to draw one of the most impactful moments of my early childhood relating to the military. I know we all go through that pain of missing a parent or guardian at some point when they're deployed for an extended period of time. It just makes seeing them again all the sweeter.

Helping Hands

Lara Oh
Arlington, VA

Throughout their lives, military teens encounter countless friends, family members, teachers, etc. who help them grow and discover who they are. To all the people who have helped me and so many others bloom, thank you


Jake M.
North Carolina

Depiction of a local golf course in Pinehurst, NC.

New Beginnings

Gabriella H.
Puerto Rico

After the dandelions life cycle has come to a end, it starts spreading it’s seeds to start a new beginning and continues to grow again. It reminds me of how when we move after awhile it’s time for us to go and start a new beginning. Each new place we go helps us grow, and learn new experiences.

An Old Suitcase

Lara O.
Arlington, VA

As military teens, we have been through a lot of journeys. Worn but sturdy, we carry around memories from everywhere we’ve been just like a decorated suitcase.

Struggles of Deployment

Evelyn M.
South Korea

"A digital canvas showing the struggle of separation between a teen girl and her deployed mother. It is often hard to find peace when you are separated by your parents in a military situation. Sometimes, you have to find peace in the small moments with your parents, because every moment is special."


Gabriella A.

"The drawing symbolizes how we as military kids wherever we go, we make an impact on others whether we realize it or not. We learn from a variety of new people we meet, every place we take root in helps us grow as a person."

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