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Art Spotlight

My Little Soldier

Brianna V.

Through the deployments, moves, and unknowns, a special thing will always seem to capture and endure our greatest and lowest moments.

Memory Bookshelf

Lara O.
Arlington, VA

Through the military, I’ve been blessed to be able to visit so many amazing places. Whenever we go on a family vacation, we make a photo book to remember our time there, and in that way, a little piece of everywhere we’ve been around the world stays with us.

Life in Boxes

Zoe B.
Camp Humphreys, SK

We’re all used to having our things packed up into boxes and sealed away. Keepsakes, books, art supplies, stuffed animals. Everything seems so much more real once you’re looking at the bare bones of what was once your room, filled with cardboard boxes. You’re really moving again. It’s really happening.


Jake M.
North Carolina

"This piece captures the feeling of heartache and worry when a loved one is on a deployment."

One Thing Remains

Gabriella A. & Lara O.

"After moving around so much, it sometimes gets hard trying to adapt to each noe location, although one thing always remains the same: the sun. In every new place, whenever I look outside my window, I'll always know I can look out and see the sun shining brightly in the sky. Though the sun may look different, it will always be there."


Zoe B.
South Korea

"This piece illustrates how military kids can stay connected to our friends from past duty stations through the internet."

Through Milkid-Colored Glasses

Lara O.
Arlington, VA

"Military teens will always have a special outlook on life thanks to their many unique experiences. Since purple is the color of the military child, purple-colored glasses seemed an apt way to represent the unique milkid perspective."


Lara O.
Arlington, VA

4 people. One carrying luggage, two checked luggage each. 12 suitcases, all you need to survive 3 months as a nomad, all in the trunk of one minivan. This is what we do, and if it doesn’t fit, we’ll make it fit.

Return to Yongsan

Zoe B.
Camp Humphreys, South Korea

This piece depicts the surreal feeling I had when visiting a past duty station: the now closed Yongsan Base in Seoul. I was there from 2014-2018. I moved there when I was 5 and left when I was 9. When I came back, everything was covered in vines: my house, my friends’ houses, the playgrounds. If you are interested and live in the area, you can go to the Yongsan base. They have an area open to the public featuring houses just like mine that have been converted to museums. If you go, say hi to 8 year old me ;)

Unbroken Record

Lara O.
Arlington, Virginia

The phrase “a broken record” refers to something repeated over and over again. Sometimes, life as a military teen can feel like that, the same moving cycle restarting every two years. However, no cycle is exactly the same, and through all the different moves, we remain resilient and unbroken.


Claudia G.

This piece is about several things. For one, it is what it is like after your parents retire. You live in one place for around 3 years and then that summer, you feel the itch. The itch to move somewhere new. The next move will be to college. So you are left in a weird place. the other meaning is what it is like in the military. You have an assignment for 3 years, but it could be 2, or it might be 4. You are waiting to know when the time will come, and after a certain point, it becomes all you can think about. Summer means waiting. Summer means moving, but you are unsure when you will be moving next.

Call Failed

Claudia G.

This piece is about what it is like to have friendships that never fall apart, they just end. As a military kid, we lose many many friends, and this piece is a reminder that we can't ever find those old friends again. They are people of our past, not to return to our future. That is a burden we have to carry.

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