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Art Spotlight


Coming Home

Miah S.

"I wanted to capture the essence of not only parents coming home from deployment but militeens coming home, wherever home may be. Some may view the art as someone leaving home, but we military teens know that leaving home will open opportunities to find a new home."

Across the World

Brianna V.

"I always find myself scrolling through pictures and posts of my friends whenever I move away and sometimes find myself wondering what it would be like if I went back."

My Life Bouquet

Lara O.

A vase containing the state flowers from every place I’ve lived


Rowan M.

A collection of things people have said to me about moving, and scattered items that I take with me whenever I move. I made this in honor of me moving to Guam in a few weeks, and it represents what I'm taking with me, both literally and figuratively.


Zoe B.
South Korea

This is a visual depiction of my poem “Timer.” You can read it here:

Lightening Path

Evelyn M.
South Korea

There's a point in every part of a military
child's life where they leave the nest, and the lifestyle they
have known their whole life. They have to find their new
sense of self, and learn a new way of life. It's a special part in
every child's life, finding a new path.

Travel Journals

Michela C.

My World of Friends

Ellie C.

What I see when I think back to all the different faces I called friends after 17 years of moving all over the world and living on five continents.

Thank You For Your Service

Imogene S.

While their parents are serving the country through their military careers, military kids end up having to endure the constant change and sacrifices for the good of their families. When they move, they carry both physical and emotional baggage from all the experiences they have been through.

A Drawing of Creativity

Jason C.

Share your creativity with people around you! Let them know how amazing you are. Be proud of who you are: if you’re silly, then make people laugh! If you’re shy, don’t be afraid and be brave. If you’re a military child, let people around you know that you’re a military child because you’re not alone.

My Little Soldier

Brianna V.

Through the deployments, moves, and unknowns, a special thing will always seem to capture and endure our greatest and lowest moments.

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