About Bloom

During the summer of 2018, two army brats, Elena and Matthew, found themselves moving (yet again!) to Carlisle Barracks in Central Pennsylvania for a ten month assignment at the U.S. Army War College. The two developed a close friendship with each other, along with the other military brats and local people they met in Carlisle, becoming heavily invested in their friends, community, and school activities. Consequently, Elena's and Matthew's next moves, to Florida and Korea, were the hardest both had ever experienced.

Struggling (once again) to adapt to a new home, Elena and Matthew began to discuss ways they could help their fellow military brats, recognizing that they were not alone in their trials. Many mental breakdowns, angry rants, and teary video chats later, the idea for a website emerged (out of Elena's head) that would feature writing BY military teens FOR military teens. Thus, Bloom was born.

After the structure of the site was determined, the two began to assemble a diverse team of like-minded military brats to write for Bloom's official launch. The initial batch of writers for Bloom consisted of over 20 teens from 11 different states and 2 countries! The site was launched on April 10th, 2020, during the Month of the Military Child.

Bloom is the place you can find comfort and advice about everything military kid related: from moving tips to the top things to do at your duty station. You can also read posts from our featured authors, often other military kids who want to share their stories and connect with their community. They all offer a different perspective on military life. Bloom also highlights all the cool things military brats are doing around the world, like writing songs about their life and winning awards.


To all the brats who are coping with a move, deployment, or other emotional baggage,
we know you, because we are you.
We aren't DOD workers who are paid to make you feel better about your life.
We are depressed, angsty, confused, strong, and resilient teens, just like you.
You are not alone.

Bloom takes pride in being a safe platform for military kids to share their stories and be empowered. All of the opinions/beliefs expressed in articles belong solely to the author and are not a reflection of the views of the founders and editors of Bloom. Additionally, we understand the struggles and emotions of being a military child, but are not a mental health resource and are therefore unequipped to administer advice and assistance in that area. If you or a loved one are suffering from depression, abuse, or trauma, please visit our Resources page to find help.


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