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Are you an artist with a unique story to tell? Want to share your art with the military community? If you are a military teen (AGE 13+), past or present, we encourage you to use your voice to empower your community by sending us your artwork. Please review our art policy, then click the link below to submit your work.



Please only share pieces that are relevant to our audience of military teens. The best way to find out what type of content we usually publish is to explore the Art Gallery on our website. That said, if your piece is unique and different, yet still relevant to military teens, please share it with us anyway! We always welcome fresh ideas. However, we will not publish any art that contain content that is derogatory, obscene, profane, or inappropriate in any other way. 



As the creator of your piece, you retain all rights and ownership of anything you submit. We will not attempt to claim your work as our own. However, after your piece is published on Bloom, we ask that you do not release your work elsewhere for 90 days (seek exceptions by communicating with our team). To gain more exposure for your artwork and for Bloom as a whole, we will share featured creations on our social media accounts. By submitting a project, you grant us permission to share your work on our Instagram, Facebook, and other social media accounts.



Only submit work you have created entirely on your own. While it's entirely fine to have inspiration and quote others, plagiarism is not okay, and we will not publish your work if it is plagiarized (this includes tracing!). All quotes and research must be properly cited through hyperlinks and in text citation in your art description.



Please note that submission of artwork does not guarantee it will be published, however, all pieces will be reviewed and considered. If your piece is selected by our team, you will receive an email with further details. You will only receive an email from Bloom if your art is chosen for publication. After selection, pieces may be published at any time at the discretion of the publication team.

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