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Leaving School

The Field Guide to the Military Teen

Written and illustrated entirely by actual military teens, the Field Guide is a one-stop-shop for serving the MilTeens in your community. Whether you are a teacher, principal, coach, superintendent, pastor, volunteer, or community member, everyone can help support their local MilTeens by simply learning about their lifestyles.



A key feature of the Field Guide is the personal accounts shared directly by military teens. Readers will be able to envision and experience the military lifestyle through genuine testimonials.



The Field Guide offers advice and tips for serving military teens at the neighborhood, school, and community levels. Hear from teens directly regarding their needs, desires, and pet peeves.



The Field Guide is supported by actual statistics from the 2021 NMFAxBLOOM Military Teen Survey and Experience Report. This ensures our qualitative accounts and backed by hard quantitative data.

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