• DJ McCoy

Ways Away: A Valentine's Day Poem

I hope your love will warm me

Ways away

For your love is what kept me alive

Every single day

I would be happy to remain where I am

But I truly can’t stay

But with your love

I think I’ll find my way

I was thinking about their touch

And I really don’t know much

About what to think or say

Or why I feel this way

Because I’ve never really loved

A person like this before

But you have everything I’d want

And probably more

Of course

I will love you for your mind

People like you

Are so difficult to find

And I know for sure

That you’re one of a kind

And I am ready whenever you are

If there will ever be a time

I hope we forever talk

Ways away

For your captivating voice kept me here

Every single day

I tried to cherish everything

Knowing I couldn’t stay

But with your love

I can truly say

That our bond is legendary

Because you are just extraordinary

You’re the best in every way

Your body to me is secondary

And I really hope we have time

Ways away

Your warm, tender love kept me well

Every single day

I wish you well

Each and every day

Knowing full-well

That I can’t stay

But with full breath

I can say….

That with your love

I will find my way

Ways away, ways away

Ways away, ways away

The tale of military love

That still lives today

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