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Military Child

Month of the

For the month of the military child, Bloom is hosting a writing and art contest to celebrate military kids. Military kids are resilient, adaptive, and have a unique perspective on life. Through this contest, Bloom will give military kids the tools and outlet to share THEIR story.

Contest Information

Theme: Write a letter to your military teen community.


New experiences such as moving can be lonely and scary at times. Sometimes we wish there were things people had told us beforehand that would have soothed our worries. Bloom invites you to be this person. Write a letter to your military teen community and let them know that they are not alone in this journey. 
(Inspired by Dear Military Teen by Shanon Hyde)

Prompt Ideas:

  • What do you want your military teen community to know?

  • What advice do you have for the next generation of military teens?

  • Share the story of an event that happened to you that affected you as a military kid and how did you overcome/learn from it?


  1. No entry fee.

  2. Authors must identify as a military teen and be between the ages 13-17.

  3. Winners will be posted on our website

  4. Entries must be in prose.

  5. Writings must stay under 1,500 words.

  6. Entries submitted that have been plagiarized or have used artificial intelligence will be disqualified.

  7. Work must be school appropriate, no gore, violence, or offensive language.

  8. No work allowed titled “Untitled”.


  1. First page MUST have -



c. GRADE​​​​​

   2. Entries can be submitted using the link below. Only work submitted between          March 15th 12:00AM (EST) - April 30th 11:59PM (EST) will be accepted.


  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will receive publication on our website, as well as free merchandise from the Bloom shop.

Submission Links

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