• Isaac

Oh, the Things You Can Do!

A child of a soldier.

A special child indeed!

While your life may be hard

It’s the life you lead.

You may be different from your non-military peers.

You may even have to move every other year.

You don’t need to worry!

There’s no need to fret!

This lifestyle is a wonderful journey

That many do not get.

Whether you live in the States or you live overseas,

there are plenty of wonderful things to do and to see!

If you live overseas

You can travel with ease!

So if you don’t mind

Take a trip for me please!

You could take a boat down the Rhine and visit Munich as well! You could travel to France, to Switzerland, or maybe to Japan, the views there are swell!

But if you live in the states

Things there are also great!

Even if your base is small

There’s no need to be filled with hate.

You could visit New York City or see the Grand Canyon. You could visit a museum on base, but if history isn’t your thing, you could go downtown and let adventure be your companion!

A child of a soldier.

A special child indeed!

While your life may be hard

It’s the life you lead.

Being the child of a soldier is no easy task. You will have so many opportunities that others won’t get. You have the chance to make memories that will last!

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