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New Houses

Everyone talks about how moving halfway across the world, getting on a plane, and leaving your family and friends behind feels, but no one talks about the feeling of moving into a new house.

There is a lot to process when moving into a new house. You are in a new area, and you have no idea where to go or what to do. You sit there unpacking your memories, breathing in a familiar mix of new house and moving boxes. Not only that, but you have nothing else to do. You're stuck. 

Personally, my siblings and I play hide and seek to pass the time. It makes it easier to get used to our new house, and it passes the time.

I remember the time my family and I moved to Korea, and after living in a hotel for a week, we moved into our new house. The house was practically empty, and my siblings and I were so bored that we started playing hide and seek. We all hide in some pretty basic spots, like under the beds, in the closets, or behind the shower curtains. But one time, it was my turn to seek, and I found my brother, but we could not for the life of us find our sister. It took us what felt like hours. Turns out, SHE WAS ON TOP OF THE FRIDGE! She climbed onto the counter and sat on top of the fridge for 30 minutes! We only figured it out because she yelled "BOO" at us and scared me and my brother half to death.

The feeling of moving into a new house is exciting but scary at the same time. This will be the house you live in for the next two to three years. You get your own room, but it’s not yours. You don’t get to paint it or hang a photo up on the wall. You borrow furniture from the military. You can live there, but it is never really yours.

Moving into a new house can give you a mix of emotions. But it means the start of something new, and new is typically better. 


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