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Still Serving: Careers Inspired by the Military

For as long as I can remember, my mom and dad have always had a special kind of hope for me. A hope that I'll be happy and surpass even their successes. Being an Army Brat all my life adds another layer of meaning to their hope. As it turns out, the military is actively influencing my future.

As a child, for the longest time, all I wanted was to be in the military. I used to get battleships and army soldier toys for Christmas. Some of them made explosion noises or sang the song "We Will Rock You" in a military suit.

I watched my dad change the world by sacrificing his life. I looked up and wanted to do the same. I also wanted to carry our family name and become the fourth generation of my family to have serve.

My Dad and I taking a ride on our motorcycle for the CVMA (Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association).

I found out later that I wouldn't have the opportunity because of my heart condition.

Why do I bring this up?

Military life showed me a passion I don't think I would have ever had if I wasn't a military teen. Though I can't pursue military service as a career, it doesn't mean I can't support from the sidelines. Sidelines like writing here at Bloom or sending care packages for soldiers overseas. I can donate to military foundations and support military teens and parents with my articles.

The military has also piqued a new interest in me: traveling.

I want to find a job that travels and allows me to meet people worldwide with different beliefs, different thought processes, and different backgrounds. As a result of my experiences with the military, I've found that the coolest people come from a completely different childhood, and I want to continue meeting them.

Next is mental health. I want to analyze people's actions, how they grew up, and what mental health issues they have, if any. Mental health affects all sides of the military. Our soldiers go overseas and see things they can never talk about. The children who miss their parents and can't be with them may have difficulties coping. Learning more about what people face and their responses has become something that I want to do.

Lastly is music. I know I could have discovered this without the Army. But, to be honest, if I looked at my life without the military I don't think I would have found my passion for music. Music came into my life in 6th grade when I saw it was a stress reliever. The stress of moving, the pressure of going into middle school, the loneliness of having little friends. Music became my best friend, and I thank the military for it.

My first band concert with an alto saxophone

Here are a few career choices that I've found because of the military, and this isn't even the tip of the iceberg. I am thankful for the Army's experiences, and I'm sure that the military will introduce me to even more paths. I am now a junior in high school, and as high school comes closer to ending, I am going to find a job that piques my interest the most. Thank you, Army.


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