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Can't Settle Down: Memories of Moving

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

As military kids, we move all the time. Sometimes we love it, sometimes we hate it. It's like that best friend that we love, but hate when they do actions that affect our lives negatively. We love the new adventure but hate leaving the people we love.

I have moved over 4 times to different places all throughout the country, from the desert to the tropics. My dad started as a National Guardsman in Indiana. That was where I was born, and then my dad joined the Army. He then had to learn the ways of the Army in Fort Huachuca, AZ, and from there was told his first duty station: Hawaii. Between you and me, I think it was a pretty good first duty station. We moved there when I was about 3. I don’t remember much from Hawaii, except a few memories of friends, family, huge events and birthday parties. For instance, right before we were about to move to Clarksville, Tennessee, my dad had broken his collarbone while playing football, and my sisters and I cried because our dad told us for years that if you broke a bone, then you will have to cut it off. So, we all thought his arm would be cut off, and we were a crying mess. We still moved, with my dad just having surgery right before.

After my time in Tennessee with such nice people, I moved to Fort Huachuca, Arizona around the age of 10, I remember so many stories and there are quite a few. Like going to a Military Middle School, the expectations that were required, then the different types of Families you will find as you go through the military. It was really adventurous.

This summer, I went through the hardest move of my life. I left my closest friends who really got me out of my lowest times. My dad was set on staying In AZ. The plan was for me to graduate there. But then it all got thrown down the drain. I was moving to Wisconsin. It was the prime time of Freshman year. I was smiling, I was happy, and then I got the news that I was moving. I cried a lot. To lose everything I was hoping for in a matter of months really takes a toll on you. I tear up just thinking of everyone I left behind. I shared a lot of love and got a bunch of support from them, and to think I left that all behind hurts. On top of all that, I was going from a hot desert climate of 100 plus degrees to frigid below zero temperatures! To say that this move was rough would be an understatement!

So now I live in Wisconsin, OH YES, the cheese state. And BTW they really are about their cheese. There are fresh ones on the Gas Stations counters, those are the best. (I really actually like the Garlic Cheese, and I hateee the Pizza cheese but, to each their own. I do recommend trying them all because you never know what is going to be like. But, enough about Cheese.) I came here and found out that I am a really hard person to get along with, only because I apologize too much and I am too much or have too big of a personality. It really makes me miss Arizona, but it's a new adventure, and I am finding the people who accept me and are willing to put up with my crazy Ideas. And that makes me love the military because I meet so many people and find the true ones who will always be there for me.

Photo Credit: By My Dad (Hawaii and Arizona Photos). The rest are by me.


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