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Bravery In a Few Words

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

It's important to remember that bravery is something we all have. Whether it's bravery to stand up for something you believe in, or bravery to stand up for someone, bravery is doing something you've never done before, or taking a risk that you are unsure will pay off. (Or writing a blog!)

Being a military kid can definitely be a struggle. It takes A LOT of bravery, even if you don't believe it at first. I know it sounds a little cheesy, but we have A LOT of bravery. And this bravery to do such great things takes courage, the willingness to be brave. Courage to move around, courage to make new friends, courage to attend new schools...all of it.

And we might not realize it, but bravery, courage, whatever you want to call it, is something that, at first, might seem a little scary. That first move that we will actually remember, that move when you're like, "wow...what happens now really is going to impact what I am like in the future" is the moment when that bravery, that courage, starts. That move when we realize that we do have to start over, make new friends, go to a new school, learn a new language, etc., is the move that we really start to define who we are. Who we want to hang out with. Who we want to be.

And that takes bravery and courage.

And that bravery, that courage, defines who we are. Defines who we will grow up to be. Our values, our friends, our future. Whether you like traveling, or staying in one place, whether you like homeschooling, or public schooling, or private schooling. Whether you like sports, or the arts, or school.

It defines you.

And so it's important to remember, the bravery and courage you display every time you move, whether to a neighboring village, town, city, state, country...across the a major part of who you make yourself to be.

And so don't forget that bravery, that courage, as you grow and go throughout your life. That fire that burns inside you every time you nervously stand outside the school for the first time. When you go up to a kid and say "hi," or that kid comes up to you. Remember that bravery, that courage, every time you do something new and exciting.

You are a military kid after all.

Bravery and courage might as well be your middle name!

(Picture by Anna)


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