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Try it on.

Put it on.

Keep it on.

Once you have it on,

You can’t take it off.

The addiction.

The fear.

The loneliness.

You can’t see me-

I'm not here.

I live alone


My mask of tears.



I've known it all.

The yelling.

The lies.

The bullying.

Sometimes I feel so small.

They never know

How much I struggle.

In their eyes,

I look weak.

A disappointment.

My accomplishments never enough.

Smile for the picture.

Look happy.

It's for memories' sake,

While I stand there


Behind my fake face.

A smile should be true,


True happiness.

Not forced.

My room.

My quiet place.

My mask is off.

I sit alone


To fix feeling off.

The mirror,

The mirror.

I only see my mask.

One day, I hope

To see my true self.

Not crying alone

Reading books

Off the shelf.

Today was hard,

Tomorrow has challenges.


It won’t be another day

Of sitting alone.

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