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being alone

has never been an issue

I can explore

and travel

and experience

on my own

being alone

tends to be my normal

when I move

I leave everyone

and everything


my friends

my school

my neighborhood

my room

it all becomes different


but still different

being alone

hadn’t bothered me

I actually liked it

until I was gone

completely gone

and I knew


from Hawaii to

Texas to

Georgia to

Virginia to


I’ve gotten around

and every time

I leave

a part of me stays

in my old friends

in my old school

in my old neighborhood

in my old room

in my old life

that part of me

that part of who I was

and who I’m not


in the places

that I’m not

and every time I go

people ask me


do you leave?


are you going?

can’t you stay

just a little longer?

I feel obligated

to explain

that my dad

he fights

for our freedom

which makes us move

which makes me leave

it isn’t a chore

it isn’t a vacation

but it’s a part of who I am

my heart yearns

for home

but it also

yearns for change


is my home

that sense of curiosity

of adventure

of optimism

it exists in me

not because of circumstance

not because of location

but because of each new place

and each new day

being an opportunity

to branch out

my blood runs blue

the blue represents

my sadness

when I leave

my peace

when I’m gone

and my father

and the air force

and the country

he fights for

regardless of

where I am

in the world

I know I belong


the veins of the world

the pumping heart

of our country

run blue


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