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What it's like being a Military Brat with Siblings

On the surface level, being a military brat with siblings isn’t much different than being an ordinary brat with siblings. You can’t stand each other, but at the same time, you still love them. You never want to hang out with them or see them, yet all you want is to spend time with each other.

I am a military brat with two siblings, an older sister and a younger brother. I like to say that my sister is my person. She takes care of me when I need her, and she is there for me when I am sad, or mad, or even happy. And my brother never fails to make me laugh, even when I’m mad at him, believe it or not.

But the difference between being a military brat with siblings is that your siblings are also your closest friends-- they are the only connections that will remain with you. Being a military brat entails leaving and likely losing friends on a three-year basis. A normal kid who grows up in the same town for their entire life will maintain their friendships from birth. For them, having siblings who stay by their side won’t carry as much value since the rest of their lives aren’t constantly being rearranged. But for us, any sense of stability is well appreciated. This is why siblings are so meaningful for military brats.

They are still your sibling, so it's hard to be that close, but it's also like you don't have any other choice. They go everywhere you go - always by your side - especially when you don’t want them to be. Forever.


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