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The calm of this sunset reminded me that when we get caught up in the dissatisfaction present in our lives, we often miss life's beauty and greatness.

If you were to step into my household on any given day, you would more than likely witness my dad claiming that something is “unsat.” Although unfamiliar to many civilians, the word “unsat” is jargon commonly used by sailors in the military to signify that something is unsatisfactory, or “unsat” for short. Sailors use the term "unsat" to describe anything not up to par, from the food down to someone’s haircut.

But no matter how funny "unsat" may sound, the concept has yet to fail at invading our everyday lives. A lot of things in life can be unsatisfactory, from a current situation or duty station to the friendships and relationships we have or lack thereof.

One such situation that I constantly find unsatisfactory is the thought of my next and final two years of high school. Freshman year, I had a vision for what my high school career would look like. But, standing here in the first weeks of junior year, that dream has shifted many times, and often in the least pleasant of ways. Now, knowing that junior year is awaiting me with a rigorous workload, standardized tests, and minimal exciting school events, I am already physically and mentally exhausted. Also knowing that my senior year won’t have as much expected freedom and fun is a heavy burden to carry. I constantly hear my intrusive thoughts screaming, “These next two school years will be unsat!!”

But recently, my mom challenged me to change my mentality. She asked me to not view the next two years of high school as a whole clump but as individual years. Junior year will have its challenges, but it will also have its victories. Senior year will have its challenges. But - it will have many, many victories.

This challenge forced me to see that although my feelings of dissatisfaction are very real and valid, they're no way for me to live my life. There will always be something unsat in life, and there will always be something that doesn’t turn out the way we thought it would; be that a school, friendship, PCS, or encounter, feelings of dissatisfaction are bound to surface. But what’s important to remember is that we can either live our lives focused on the unsatisfactory, or we can work to become satisfied with the unsat.

Trust me when I say this: it’s no easy task to start walking on the road towards contentment. I'm nervous for the next two years of school, knowing it will be a lot of work. But I know that if I do my part of focusing on the positive, God will give me the strength to face the unsatisfactory and uncomfortable moments in life. Though fear, nervousness, and feelings of dissatisfaction are present, God will continue to whisper, “I am here for you.”

This upcoming school year, I’m excited to face the unsat moments and change them for the better. I’m ready to be brave and become satisfied with the unsat. I hope you are, too.


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