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To the Once and Future Me...

. . . 2020, alas I won't miss you!

To the once and future me,

With this year seemingly coming to a close, I have begun to wonder… what would have happened had this year not occurred? What would have occurred that would have sent our lives spiraling into another direction, to a different destination, one with more space and less time among family? Life couldn't be more different, could it?

Just imagine our universe splitting in two. Two parallel dimensions: One, our present reality of #2020, where 2021 can't come soon enough, and two, the fictional time of asking "Why does 2020 have to end?" This was supposed to be a great year, with movies beyond our reckoning making premieres only to be pushed back almost a whole year to see. A time of medical greatness when we've nearly conquered all illness only to be sequestered by the realization that we are not as prepared as we thought. The mad rush at warp speed to complete a vaccine that our world so dearly and desperately needs in order to feel comfortable in our own skin again…

This was supposed to be the year that you enjoyed life. Prom? Down the drain for some, but it gave you the opportunity to see your community reach out to those who lost it to get it in another way. "I've graduated!" your friends would sing as they watch the cars of their friends and family drive by, yet can only receive their diploma in a small, isolated ceremony. Some graduation, where none of those who matter most are there to see it.

Some year.

Some year.

Summer was prolonged because school shut down, and at first you thought it was great, until you realize just how much you hate technology because it powers off right when you are about to submit that two and a half hour long test… or something of the sort. You've heard the horror stories. Because nothing you do matters anyway. In life. In school. On a computer.

All useless.

Trying to move in a world filled with COVID. Flights canceled, delayed, closed. Sickness. Health. Sadness. Happiness. Opposites of all kinds were seen in this hopelessly long year. Quarantine and spending weeks alone, stuck with family, no friends to be your shoulder to lean on. And what have we attained?

Colleges are omitting the SAT and ACT? Of course, every single one EXCEPT the college you want to go to. Now all you have to do is make sure you don't miss it… which is easier said than done.

But to be the cherry on top, things just keep changing, and we have no clue how this story will end.

I'm sorry to the once and past me, future me. Sorry for all that has happened, and for all that will. I have never known you, nor will I ever meet you. And I am sad for that.

I wish I could shake your hand now. But that is not six feet.

Sincerely and objectively loving,


If you or someone you love needs help during this tough time, check out our Resources page for links to mental health resources. If you or someone you love might have COVID-19, click here for the CDC's instructions. We encourage you to do everything you can to keep yourself and others safe!


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