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The New Neighbor

A new neighbor

She just arrived

The movers' mid labor

She looks sleep deprived

I go over, wave my hand

She greets me with a smile on her face

I see her house, inside is bland

The first to enter is a bookcase

I ask her name

She replies

To her, this is a repeating game

Her longingness in disguise

I ask where she’s from

She just snorts

As if I was dumb

She goes on to list the sorts

The boxes keep appearing

The movers too One by one, the trucks disappearing

I ask "doing this all the time, does she get deja vu?"

“Sometimes, but through twists and turns

I’ll always find a bond

After breaks and burns

And even across the pond

My home will be found

Time after time

I’ll be around

Hearing that feels like a chime”

She returns


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