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The Good of 2020

We are less than a week away from completing 2020, and must I say that I am proud of all of us. Because of the challenges we've all been facing this year, I wanted to show the good we've had through these troubled times.

  • You've gotten this far, though thick and thin. I feel like a proud mom. Keep living, there is so much in store for you! Keep that head high, love!

  • Drive-in movies made a comeback and DRIVE-IN CONCERTS/SHOWS came out of nowhere. Can you believe we brought back something this awesome? Tune into one station and you can watch a new movie on the big screen.

  • The new channel called "Some Good News" highlights the highs of the week, and shows that even in this pandemic there is still greatness out there.

  • "Some Good News" hosted a prom for all seniors in the Class of 2020. They had many special guests and plenty of music you could vibe to and have fun with.

  • Millions of people learned how to sew, and made many masks to those in need!

  • Major companies like Apple donated millions of dollars to help make masks for everyone.

  • Demi Lovato made a comeback at the Grammys, and then followed up with a beautiful performance of the National Anthem.

  • Puzzles and board games made a massive comeback, and my family even joined in on that fun.

  • Teachers got recognition for their hard work after kids started to stay home and parents had a hard time trying to teach us. Thank goodness, because my parents looked at my AP Physics and said, "Good luck kid, you're on your own with that one."

  • Hamilton came out on Disney+ and boy, was it a hit! I've probably seen it 17 times!

  • Weddings happened even with the pandemic with the one and only ZOOM.

  • J Lo and Shakira worked it at the Super Bowl.

  • The world came together to help stop the Australian wild fires.

  • California inmates helped battle wildfires, and many got firefighting jobs once they were released from prison.


  • Tiger King swept the nation with conspiracy theories and memes.

  • Nigerian-Irish teens made an app for people living with dementia.

  • On August 26, Africa was declared free of polio since 2016!

  • The Northern Lights were seen in Ireland this year.

  • Many "extinct" animals started to show up!

  • Eminem has been sober for 12 years.

  • The oldest fossil of the modern bird was discovered, dated back to be 66 million years old.

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released and I am pretty sure there are still millions of kids asking for the game for Christmas (my sisters and I included).

  • Same-sex marriage was legalized in Costa Rica.

  • Two patients have been cured of HIV!

  • Pollution levels dropped significantly.

  • New Zealand and 8 other countries are now COVID-19 free

  • PlayStation5 and Xbox Series X came out this year.

  • A New York based dog fostering organization had a 1000% increase in foster applications, and similar numbers were recorded across the country.

  • Many waterways were so clear you could see the wildlife pass by, like dolphins.

  • The world started to breathe again.

  • Many relationships were rekindled, and family became the most important thing in many peoples' lives again.

  • Gun violence went down for 2 weeks with no deaths in Indianapolis, Indiana.

  • Thanks to a movie on Netflix, chess has become a new hobby. Many people have picked up the sport, causing sales of chess sets to more than double (let's go!).


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