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Songs For The Milteen Soul

As a milteen, sometimes I hear lyrics that speak to my soul. As an avid music enjoyer, I present a list of songs that have helped me through my darkest nights and worst of storms, songs that helped me feel less alone in new moves, and the best music that made long drives feel less tiresome.

“Somewhere in Germany, but I can’t place it. Man, I hate this part of Texas.” Those times in a brand-new place can be excruciating. I often found myself resenting new places, especially since it feels like every time I’m finally used to a place a new move comes out of nowhere.

“But you had to go, I know, I know, I know” - “So I gotta go, I know, I know, I know.” The hardest part of moving is saying goodbye, saying goodbye to people who brought you nothing but love, memories, laughter… it’s rough, but as Bridgers says, “Close my eyes, fantasize. Three clicks and I’m home.”

”Load the car and write the note. Grab your bag and grab your coat.” Some of my weirdest memories were born in a packed car. Filled with bags, dogs, siblings, and my parents, along with their interesting song choices. ”Tell the ones that need to know, we are headed north.” Telling people though, not the fondest memories. They say it gets easier, but sometimes it just doesn’t. This song very much represents how I feel about the life I didn’t choose to endure, but that I love to live.

“All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go.” The final moments, everything is packed, and you’re “ready” to go… “I’m standin’ here outside your door. I hate to wake you up to say goodbye.” But, in these moments I feel even less prepared. Time spent pumping me up, just for me to be nowhere close to even leaving the door. It’s a scary time, especially when you have no idea what’s next.

“Cause I’m leaving on a jet plane. Don’t know when I’ll be back again. Oh babe, I hate to go…”

“The night we couldn’t quite forget, when we decided to move the furniture so we could dance.” I have so many memories with people I’ve left behind, several ‘nights we couldn’t quite forget’, and all of which I will forever cherish. But I often felt stuck in the woods, “And I remember thinking, are we out of the woods yet, are we out of the woods yet, are we in the clear yet, are we in the clear yet. In the clear yet, good.” Now that I’m a child of a retiree, I haven't moved since; now I’m in “The Clear.”

“So, pack up your car, put a hand on your heart. Say whatever you feel, be wherever you are. We aren’t angry at you, love.” The biggest scars I have are carved by goodbyes. It feels like the end of the world when simply it’s the start of a new chapter.

“The birds still sing, your folks will still fight, the boards will still creek, the leaves still die.” Even when you leave, it’s never the end of the story. Especially if they only live in your memories, the world still goes on. This song is a more recent one - but goodness - it is so comforting.

“You’re gonna go far. Yes you are. If you wanna go far. Then you gotta go far.”

My fellow bloomer and blog writer Christine suggested this song, and I couldn’t agree more. “ 'Have faith’, they told me. It was easier in my younger years.” It’s hard to stay happy and motivated, like I’ve said in a previous article, it’s difficult to 'Hang in There!' As I’ve gotten older, I’ve seen that the dogma of ‘It’ll Be Okay’ has been burnt into my mind.

“Now that I’m older, now that it’s colder.” It’s been more and more difficult to avoid that stigma, to avoid telling myself to get over it. “Life keeps on crashing, day after day, like a wave after wave.” But, what I’ve found helps is understanding that every day is linear. Each day goes on, even during the worst of battles.

Another bloomer, Kait, brought this song to my attention, and it’s such an incredible song. "Too lost and hurting to carry your load. We all need someone to hold.” I know what it feels like to be completely alone. We all do. Even if you experience it once, it’s very distinctive. But we all need someone to hold. It’s completely impossible to be fully alone.

The great thing about the military lifestyle is knowing so many amazing people. People who taught you lessons, made you laugh until you cried, or stayed with you while you cried, waiting for you to smile. “Can you keep me close? Can you love me?” And they can, even from far away.


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