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PI: Alluding to the Military Brat Life

So one of the coolest things about March is the 14th... why? Because it's PI Day! For those of you out there who are math nerds, the 14th of March is a huge day... because it is the day celebrating one of our beloved values in mathematics! Conveniently, the following day, March 15th, follows along perfectly in the line of numbers... 3.1415...

If you don't know what PI is, it is this:

PI goes out to an infinite number of numbers... it just keeps on going. Kind of like us Military Brats, who seem to go to on an infinite number of moves to an infinite number of locations. Although this is a huge exaggeration of our moving life, to some degree it isn't. Every move has a huge effect on us, and impacts, changes, and shapes our future. Every number prior to another number in the digit of PI seemingly shapes the number itself... even as numbers continue to be discovered. As PI keeps going on, so do we. We are strong, we are powerful, and we are infinite. Remember that. Everything that happens to us now shapes our future.


Let's see how many digits of PI you know. You don't know any? Well then use this quiz as an opportunity to learn! It goes up to the first 20 digits of PI... if you want to learn more, there are countless sources, pictures, and songs on the internet to aid you on your venture. Have fun!

Congratulations if you made it all the way through, Mathletes! How many did you already know? How many did you learn?

Being a Military Kid can be rough, but we find infinitely many ways to adapt to our surroundings, from making new friends to keeping in touch with our old friends to volunteering in our communities or giving back to old communities. We learn that even though we can put our infinite energy into one place, we can use this energy to make a difference in infinitely many places! Don't think of moving as losing a previous life, think of moving as gaining a new one, and making new friends, and infinite friendships.

Remember your past, but don't dwell on it, and forge your future, like PI does. Help others, as many as you can. Although there are an infinite many things that we can do to make our world a better place, even doing one little thing, such as giving someone a compliment or a smile (or a wave since we are all wearing masks), can have a huge impact.

What is better than touching the hearts of the few is touching the hearts of the many.

Pass it on. Pass on the kindness that we can see in the little things in the world around us. And just like PI might seem like a little number, it's what's on the inside (or after the decimal point "."), that counts.


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