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Part of the Club

School has started again, and you know what that means: millions of students joining millions of clubs and teams. High schoolers everywhere are hunting for extracurriculars to buff up their college applications and fill their free time. A new school year is the perfect time to broaden your horizons with activities you’ve never tried before, especially if you are tired of the familiar.

But many groups you join won’t change your life; if you’re lucky, they'll impact an hour of your week. Why not appreciate a life of adventure? Of excitement, surprises, worry, and learning? Impact your life today by experiencing what a military teen life really has in store for you!* Here are some examples of what you partake in as part of the Milteen Club:


According to North American Moving Services, 68% of Americans live near or in the area where they grew up. Many military kids can’t even imagine that. They have lived in three, five, or ten different places before turning 18. There are military bases in each of the 50 states and in 80 other countries, each with its own unique opportunities. As part of the club, predictability won’t be a concern of yours much longer. Adventure comes to you when you’re a military kid.


Your physical location won’t be the only thing affected by your new lifestyle. With travel comes starting a new school and living in a new house, which can definitely be difficult. And a parent being deployed is one of the hardest things military kids experience. Going through everyday life while missing or worrying about a parent can feel lonely and stressful. As such, being a military kid is a great way to gain resilience, as the lifestyle both requires and builds strength against obstacles.


Moving around means you can be part of multiple communities. You might get to know many different cultures in your Milteen experience, but one group will stay with you wherever you go. Military communities, no matter what branch you are part of, provide support and understanding from and for kids and adults alike. Relating to one another’s experiences can form meaningful connections. Many lifelong friendships are owed to the common military thread.

If you want to live out adventure, strength, and connection, taking advantage of your life as a military teen is the perfect activity for you! This life may not be for everyone, and it definitely isn’t easy. Military teens know that there are advantages and disadvantages, but one thing is certain - it is unlike any other experience.

*If you're not a milteen, but you want to experience this, membership may require at least a two-year parental commitment to the United States Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, or Marines.


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