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MilTeen Spotlight: Military Child of the Year David Lee & his Musical Innovations

This week's MilTeen Spotlight is David Lee (pictured above right), a recent high school graduate living in South Korea. He comes from an Army Reserve and Air Force family and was recently named Operation Homefront's 2022 Military Child of the Year for Innovation. David founded Music Echoes, a non-profit that provides music for facilities across the globe, and is about to start a gap year to invest more time into his passion projects. Read on to learn more about David and how he uses music to connect people!

Where have you lived? Which location was your favorite and why?

I have lived in many parts of South Korea and the United States. I moved a total of 9 times and my favorite location was Osan Air Base because I love small communities where I can feel connected and included.

Describe your work with Music Echoes in your own words. How did it come about and what are you currently up to?

Music Echoes strives to be the best global music provider for the world. Currently, we have delivered copyright-free music recordings to 16,500+ facilities (such as hospitals and orphanages) in all 50 US states and 100+ countries in the world. The funeral request to play violin from an elderly woman that was sitting in a wheelchair at a rehabilitation inspired me to start my nonprofit organization.

What are some highlights of your time at Music Echoes and/or as a musician?

Here's a quick list:

Music Echoes Highlights Military Child of the Year Innovation Award UN Award Nominated 3 Star Commendation Medal Nominated Published in newspapers: Stars and Stripes and Military Times

Featured on TV channels such as CNN, OAFB, and AFN

Musician & Extracurricular Highlights Carnegie Hall Violin Soloist Tchaikovsky Orchestra Violin Soloist at Kremlin Concert Hall in Moscow, Russia Finalist for FOX, CBS, NBC Featuring (name featured on FOX) International Goldberg Bach Charity Project Ukraine Refugee Charity Project OMHS/WMEA/FE/KAIAC Concertmaster Varsity Tennis Captain, MVP, All Athletic Award, Pacwest Rank 1 Singles 1 KDP Author: Superstar Formula (highest best sellers around #1,500)

Stock/Crypto Investor Orpheus & Juilliard & Interlochen Performing Arts Program Grammy-Winner Compositions & Masterclasses Beethoven House & Solitär Mozarteum Invitation

Tell us about your experience with MCOY and being Operation Homefront’s Innovation Military Child of the Year!

My experience with MCOY was crazy! Honestly, I loved it, except for the jetlag (I almost died uhh). I felt really supported by Operation Homefront with their sponsors and gifts, but also from other award recipients. They were really friendly and I loved spending time with them!

What’s next for you personally and for Music Echoes? Any particular goals or exciting plans?

Currently, my left-hand tendons are injured, so I am taking a break. When I am done healing, I wish to continue my music journey in the world. Our goal is striving to become the only and best free music provider in the world. We will deliver free music recordings to every single hospital in the world. It seems hard, but through passion, purpose, and perseverance, we believe the impossible will become possible. I am glad to use my passion to create a positive legacy in the world.

What’s something that you wish others understood about military life?

Look at the bright side. Military life consists of many changes. Some might be bad, some might be good. However, I believe happiness and almost everything would depend on your perspective. Once again, look towards the bright side and continue your journey in life.

What words of wisdom do you have for other current or future military teens?

Find your passion, and it will lead to your purpose in life. Persevere, and it will make you happy in life.

Where can our readers follow you or get involved with Music Echoes?

Anything else you want to share with us?

Nah, I’m good. :)

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