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Christmas: A Magical Holiday

What is snow?

Snow is ice crystals.

Snow is the Holidays.

Snow is Christmas Break.

Snow is Home.

What is Hot Chocolate?

Hot Chocolate is warmth.

Hot Chocolate is family.

Hot Chocolate is watching the Polar Express on Christmas Eve.

Hot Chocolate smells like Home.

What is Sledding?

Sledding is fun with friends.

Sledding is falling on your face.

Sledding is feeling like you're flying.

Sledding feels like Home.

What are cookies?

Cookies are Christmas Day.

Cookies are the line to see Santa Claus at the nearest Macy's (or Rec Center).

Cookies are watching Christmas movies.

Cookies are Home.

What is caroling?

Caroling is laughter.

Caroling is Christmas Spirit.

Caroling is walking around in the snow.

Caroling is Home.

What are Christmas Decorations?

Christmas Decorations are wonder.

Christmas Decorations are excitement.

Christmas Decorations are sometimes visits to the emergency room.

Christmas Decorations are Home.

What is Christmas?

Christmas is family and friends.

Christmas is giving (and getting) presents.

Christmas is joy.

Christmas is Home.


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