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Best Winter Activities, by the Region (Part 2)

The old year has ended, but winter continues in Midwestern and Northeast America. If you’re still looking for activities to fill your season, this article will hopefully give you some ideas.

The Midwest

You may want to spend your winter vacation relaxing. Skiing and snowball fights, while fun, are not necessarily what you’re looking for. For a chill (pun intended) holiday, the Midwest has a slew of lodges and resorts. The Pere Marquette Lodge and Conference Center, IL, is hidden inside a state park. This stately resort includes a sauna, pool, and scenic views. If you’re looking to emulate an overseas vacation, try Deer Path Inn, also in Illinois. Their near-century old building is dedicated to English-style innkeeping. Beautiful gardens and afternoon teatimes are only the beginning of this remarkable establishment’s assets. A cozy home-away-from-home could be the perfect place to unwind this winter.


Crystal Mountain Resort & Spa, MI

Treeland Resort, WI

Garland Lodge and Golf Resort, MI

The Northeast

New England holds a lot of cultural significance. Historical sites in the Northeast can be great places for families to explore in the winter. Boston, for example, is home to the Freedom Trail. Visitors follow a path that passes 16 historical landmarks, such as the building where the Boston Tea Party was planned and the Paul Revere House. Or, you could take educational tours on Native American history. Sowams Heritage Area in Rhode Island has guides covering over 50 locations in the home of the Pokanoket Tribal Nation. Improving your cultural and historical knowledge can be both a productive and interesting way to spend your downtime.


Yale University Visitor Center, CT

Tomaquag Museum, RI

Battle Green Tour, MA

Whatever your tastes are - calm, extreme, or anywhere in between, we hope that these articles help you construct your season, or at least open your mind to new experiences.


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