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Best Summer Activities, by the Region (Part 2)

Summer is at its peak, and the possibilities for fun are endless. In this two-part series, I've tried to find the best places to go during this season in each of the four US regions.

The Midwest

This region may be best known for flat plains and farmland, but a lot of history is preserved here. You can spend your summer exploring the varied museums and exhibitions the Midwest has to offer. Try the Art Institute of Chicago, housed in one of America’s most diverse metropolises. You can get an up-close audience with iconic works like Grant Wood’s American Gothic or Claude Monet’s Water Lilies. If you prefer a louder, hands-on approach to your summer, check out the City Museum in St. Louis, where kids and adults alike explore an indoor playground, a rooftop Ferris Wheel, and a school bus hanging off the edge of the building. There is no shortage of Midwest museums to explore history, art, or sundry topics.


Air and Space Museum, OH

National Music Museum, SD

National Mustard Museum, WI

The South

Saltwater, sand, and sun are universal virtues of summer vacation. With its legendary heat and proximity to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, finding vacation-worthy Southern beach towns seems like the ideal ending to this series. Hilton Head Island in South Carolina boasts fun resorts, long bike paths, and miles of shoreline. Seeing ocean waves on the horizon is a thrill to many. Those who prefer riding waves to watching them might consider Cocoa Beach, Florida. One of the best surfing areas in the US, Cocoa Beach is a popular tourist destination. Whether you’re into extreme sports or tanning on the shore (or both), southern states are home to many exquisite beach towns.


Tybee Island, GA

Cape Charles, VA

Fairhope, AL

Keep an open mind to nearby (or far!) adventures as vacation months go by. No matter what your summer looks like- traveling, moving, or staying in the same place- there is always an interesting path to choose, if you take the time to notice.


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