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A Letter to Military Teens (3rd Place)

The following essay is the third place winner of our 2024 Month of the Military Child Writing Contest. The theme was to write a letter to the military teen community. Congratulations to Alexandria "Lexie" L.!

In life, everyone is given choices. I chose what to eat for breakfast this morning. I chose my classes for my schedule at school next semester. However, no one chooses to be a military kid. Military kids are a rare circumstance in which we were thrown into a life where we don’t necessarily get to make the biggest choices, and while traveling the country, even the world, is an amazing opportunity, it’s a choice that’s made for us from the beginning.

I’ve been a military kid my entire life, my dad is in the Air Force and we’re currently stationed at his ninth assignment. My dad joined the military with the “I’ll serve for four years then get out” mindset, and nine assignments later here we are! Because of this, I was born into everything. Like a lot of military kids, I’ve never known a life other than packing up, moving, switching schools, and so on. Everyone has moments where they feel like they just can’t do it anymore, and that’s what I want to address.

My parents tell me I’m strong and that they’re thankful for the fact that I’m able to adapt easily to new places and schools, but not everybody has that kind of support. Moving is a choice that is made for us, and although I don’t want to leave my friends and what I know behind, it’s not my choice. As kids and teens this can be so hard to accept, and without any kind of support from parents this can be even more difficult. Connecting with other military kids through school and even reading articles on Bloom has made me feel understood and eased my mind knowing that there are so many kids that feel the exact same way. Knowing that I have those resources helps me feel like I’m not alone.

Allowing yourself to fully process the emotions of being a military kid is important, and remembering that you’re not the only person who feels this way is equally crucial. As a military kid you’re part of a community which can be forgettable at times. I currently live off base and it can be tough not having the support from that community so close. Keeping a positive mindset and remembering that you’re a part of a bigger group of others like yourself is key.

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Jun 12

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