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3 Places to Visit Near Camp Humphreys, South Korea

Nearly two years ago, my father was assigned to Camp Humphreys, South Korea. My family and I decided to move overseas for the first time because of this. As you would expect, everything was different at first, but we quickly started to explore the new country we would spend two years living in. Despite the fact that I haven't travelled to many of South Korea’s beautiful cities, like Busan, or islands, like Jeju Island, I have compiled a list of places near Camp Humphreys that I have personally visited. These destinations are perfect places to visit, especially for people new to South Korea, because they give you a chance to experience Korea without traveling for hours.

Osan Air Base

(About 30 minutes from Camp Humphreys by car)

Whenever I meet people brand new to Korea and fresh out of quarantine, I always ask, “Have you been to Osan yet?” I love Osan. I don’t know why though. Maybe because it’s just an easy change of scenery from Camp Humphreys? Who knows. Anyways, there is a Chili’s restaurant on base that really comes in handy when my family and I eventually inevitably grow tired of eating at the Texas RoadHouse on Humphreys. The PX, despite being smaller than the one at Humphreys, is very nice and sells similar items. Right outside the base, there is a large Ville with all sorts of shops, from local Korean ones to stores you would find in the States, like Nike and McDonald’s.


(About 45 minutes by car)

Cheonan is a city in South Korea that my family and I frequently visit. The main reason we go is because of the large department store: Shisegae. There are many clothing and jewelry stores there, as well as a bookstore. Although the books are in Korean (a language no one in my family can read or speak), I like visiting the bookstore and just looking around, trying to pronounce the titles. Cheonan is filled with the arts, boasting many museums and galleries. Multiple temples can also be found near the city, and visiting one (or more!) is a great and interesting way to learn more about South Korea and its history.

Gingko Tree Road

(About 30 minutes by car)

This photo was taken by my mom when we visited the trail in Autumn 2020.

Imagine a paved road lined with towering trees that bloom yellowish-orange fan-shaped leaves. The leaves fall off the trees and blow in the wind, landing softly on your hair and clothes and almost completely covering the path, turning the gray asphalt yellow-orange. That’s the Gingko Tree Road. The perfect time to visit this area is during autumn when the tree leaves start to change and you get to see the colors. The walking path under the trees is beautiful and a perfect place for family portraits and/or selfies. There is parking right by the trail, but the place can get busy around noon.

Besides these places, there is also the capital city of Seoul (about an hour’s drive or train ride) that is definitely worth visiting and exploring. An entire article could be written on the magic of Seoul, but I wanted to make sure this short list highlighted the areas around Camp Humphreys that are not as far, but no doubt just as worth a trip. I know how stressful it can be moving to a new place, no matter where you are coming from, and I hope visiting the destinations on this list help you to feel more comfortable in this new country, and hopefully learn some more about it as well!


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