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Rowan M.

Arianator Extraordinaire


Hey! My name is Rowan, and I’ve been stationed in 4 different Air Force Bases including my current one, which is Scott AFB in Illinois (U.S.). In my free time, I draw, daydream, listen excessively to music (especially Ariana Grande!) and hang out/roleplay with my friends. I’m still finding out who exactly I want to be as a person of many identities (Latina, bisexual, military kid), but I hope to make the world a kinder and more accepting place for all. My current aspirations are tied between being a famous artist or creator and making teens of different identities feel more seen in the media, or being a singer and using my platform to help the causes I believe in. It’s really exciting to join the Bloom Team and be able to talk with and befriend other kids like me!



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