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Gabriella H.

Boba Addict


Living in a life full of constant change and exploration. I have developed a profound appreciation for the arts, cultures, and the variety of cuisine the world has to offer. As a 17-year-old Army brat, my childhood canvas is painted with the memories of moving across the country due to my dad's career, each move a stroke of color adding depth and perspective to my life. My journey through these diverse places ignited a passion for art and creativity. Museums, with their silent stories and timeless beauty, were where I often spent my time exploring new medians of art and further growing my creative spark. I am determined to pursue a career that allows me to meld my love for art with practical applications. I’d like to be a graphic designer with a minor in marketing. This path promises not just personal fulfillment but also the opportunity to leave my mark on the world's canvas. I want to work towards a future where my art, and my story, can truly make a difference.



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