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Emma M.

Charismatic Dreamer

Social Media Manager

Howdy! My name is Emma, I am going to be a sophomore and I am currently stationed in Central Texas! My Dad is currently serving in the army and throughout my army travels I've lived in Texas (several times), Virginia, Australia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. While it's been hard for me to accept my life as a brat and the constant moving, I've honestly found myself to be more of a nomad as the years go on, with no fixed destination. My life consists of a LOT of music. When I mean a lot, I mean a LOT. Whether it be listening to it through my headphones or playing it, music brings me a lot of joy. I feel the most free from life's stresses when I'm simply hearing, singing and playing. When I'm not doing music related stuff, I'm either drawing or painting, watching cartoons, watching YouTube, taking a nice fresh breath of nature or playing video games! I hope to learn more about the world as time goes on and take in everything life continues to offer me. One day, I hope to leave the world a little better than how it was, in anyway I can. I can't wait to become more involved with this community of kids, who go through similar struggles and challenges. I know these trials will never stop us! Love each and every one of you, don't forget to tell someone you love them!



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