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Brianna V.

Ms. Visionary


Hi there! I’m Brianna, a former Army brat, and current Texan of a dad working for NASA! Influenced by the number of places I’ve lived and visited; I’ve grown to love traveling and meeting new people of different cultures. I enjoy sketching, painting, listening to music, and keeping busy. As a former Milbrat, I’ve come to the realization that the military life offers opportunities and experiences that gradually broadens someone’s character and perspective. I’ve realized the value in being called a “Milbrat” and how, despite the ups and downs, it built up qualities that have and continue to benefit me. That said, I would like to emphasize to current or former Milbrats, that the military life that we experienced is and always will be valuable; its advantages will continue to illuminate our future, our ideals, and ourselves.



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