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Ciara S.



Hey, my name is Ciara and I am an Army Brat. I am a junior in high-school. Okay now that we are past the basics, here we go. Yes, out of this lovely bunch of teens, I am one of the enthusiastic, annoying, optimistic, giraffe-loving, weirdos. I am the one kid who walks into school, hyping everyone up that day, and then when I am alone, I cry. I love to bring people up, and make everyone smile. I feel as if that is my job. I am a hopeless romantic, who wants to go on the cute little dates you hear about. I am someone who loves anime, and stays inside but hates being inside for over a weekend and loves seeing and experiencing things outside. I am someone who has medical problems that affect my daily activities but, I still push myself to my full potential. There is only one person like me; I am like a unicorn. I like to just sum myself as being a Ciara. :)



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