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Tidbits of Advice

Let me just start out by saying that writer’s block is real. Sometimes it’s hard to get into an article, make it meaningful, and give it life. Personally, I had many articles started, none of them finished, and a looming deadline. Plus, my school writing life has been crazy with five other pieces demanding to be finished and, well, the stress was real.

And in those moments when I became stressed, I just told myself to relax. Simple as that - relax. And do that by living in the moment. By taking one day at a time. One task at a time. Life isn’t worth stressing over. Close your eyes, clear your mind, then open them and focus on your surroundings. Take it all in, appreciate it, and then go back to your task.

That advice changed my life. Honestly, it’s hugely impactful. And I figured other people might need it. So I’m telling you all - relax. It’s okay to do nothing.

Also, I’m not the only one here whose life is impacted by a piece of advice. So I asked my friends (all of them military teens) for their tidbits of advice. Perhaps you don’t agree with everything I have to say, but hopefully you can draw something from these words.

"Do everything you can with what you’re given."

Sometimes life gives you a little, and sometimes it gives you a lot. The best you can do is not waste it. Whatever you have, it’s part of a plan you can’t see.

"Love everyone equally!!"

Everyone deserves to be loved. Appreciate everyone around you. You aren’t in their shoes - you don’t know their home life, you don’t know their thoughts, and you don’t know how much love from one person could change their lives.

"Don’t overthink it."

Life is complicated, I get that, but you don’t need to make it more complicated than it is. From experience, analyzing a decision from every possible angle will only make you even more stressed about the decision. Have confidence in what you believe.

"Sleep is essential."

Y’all, I can’t stress this enough. Sleep IS essential - you absolutely need it. The human body needs that time for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Not sleeping leads to unpleasant consequences. And trust me, you don’t want to live with those consequences.

"Let God take control of your life."

His ways might not be your ways, but they are a part of His ultimate plan. His timing might not be your timing, but they are a part of His ultimate schedule. And whatever happens in your life might not be what you want to happen, but it is what God knows you can handle (1 Corinthians 10:13 CSB - ‘But God is faithful; he will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation, he will also provide the way out so that you may be able to bear it.’)

"If you didn’t die, you’re fine."

I know, this one might seem controversial because maybe you’re hurt, a lot. Maybe you aren’t mentally fine. But, you are still in this world, reading this post, a breathing, living creature. You were put on this planet for a reason, and wherever you are, you can still recover. The hole isn’t too deep for you to climb out of. Maybe it will be hard, but humans are resilient creatures.

"Tell yourself you’re fine until you believe it."

Perhaps, at this moment, you aren’t okay or you’re in a bad situation. I get that. But tell yourself, with affirmation, every day that you are fine, and one day, you might find that you actually believe yourself.

"Amuse yourself to keep going."

Find joy. Laugh. Enjoy life. Don’t just focus on what has you down, but also what is lifting you up, however slight that might be. Joy is a choice that we make daily.

"Worrying about tomorrow’s problems only takes away today’s peace."

Just a short sentence, nine words, a nice quote (but I couldn’t find a person to attribute it to), and true. Live in the moment - tomorrow will come. Tomorrow isn’t today. Maybe today sucks, tomorrow sucks, or yesterday sucked, but every day doesn’t need to suck.

"Don't let your past hold you back from enjoying the future."

Sometimes, you need to let go of something in your past. Be that a past friend, a past decision, or a past event - don't let them keep you from enjoying your now and your future.

And finally, one last piece of advice from my teacher: "Love is a choice."

You choose what and who to love. You choose to see the good in your life. You choose to make the most out of what you are given. It’s all a choice and one only you can make.

We all have an interesting life. We all have our ups and downs. All I can hope is that, wherever you are, you can take something from these tidbits of advice.

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Emily A.
Emily A.
Feb 26, 2023

Short and sweet but so so powerful. I can't even imagine how many lives this article is going to touch, if not so many already. I appreciate the bluntness, the encouraging words, and the fact that you were unashamed to mention God. That is so powerful! Amazing article, Elisabeth!

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