• Matthew Oh


Dear Military Life,

Thank you for the joy you bring. It lifts us up.

Thank you for the pain you cause. It helps us grow.

Thank you for the goodbyes. They keep us rooted.

Thank you for the hellos. They keep us going.

Thank you for our service members. They serve with honor.

Thank you for our families. They serve with love.

Thank you for the legacies. They ground us in the past.

Thank you for the doorways. They point us toward the future.

Thank you for the roofs over our heads, and the food on our tables.

For the education at our fingertips, and the comforts of life.

Thank you for the journeys. They open our eyes.

Thank you for the memories. They live on in us forever.

Despite the fear,

the pain,

the anxiety,

the tears,

the heartbreak,

and the loss,

we will always be grateful.

You have made us who we are.


A Military Brat

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