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Life Seasons

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Life is a beautiful circle of growth and discovery.

Summer ending,

New beginning.

A flower curling, dying, breaking.

A flower unfurling, blooming, growing.

End is beginning, beginning is ending.

School is starting.

A year beginning.

Autumn arriving,

Leaves falling,

Trees dying, tumbling, piling.

Trees darkening, crying, sighing.

Down things feel like falling,

A leaf circling.

Winter coming,

Snow floating.

Trees freezing, shaking, stalling.

Trees coldening, screaming, dying.

Living is dying, dying is living.

Holiday coming.

Dreams whispering.

Spring blooming,

Bees bustling,

Buds shooting, straightening, growing.

Buds opening, blooming, smiling.

Bees a working,

Butterfly circling.

Summer starting,

Year renewing,

Life budding, growing, shining.

Life dreaming, drawing, living.

Starting new, new starting.

It’s beginning,

Something’s starting.


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