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Dewdrop: A Poem On Loss

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Loss is an essential part of the military kid experience. While loss and grief are part of the human experience in general, the kind of loss I have felt in my life has been different than what many might expect when they hear someone is grieving. Sometimes, I've found this kind of loss to be really hard to explain, or put into words. It's a strange kind of loss, because the people we lose aren't usually gone forever. We may still be able to see their faces when we are miles, even worlds apart when we haven't even spoken to them in months, or years.

I usually don't share my poetry but as I was reading through my old poem book, I found a poem of mine that I felt might reach someone here. No matter what kind of loss you have or may be experiencing right now, I hope you know, I see you. And I hear you.


they come and go

like morning mist


into sweet summer


i am used

to this feeling

that people

i once knew

will travel

on their own

finding their place

in the sky

leaving me behind

to bask

in their sweet



but oh how i wish

that the morning mist

would wait around

just a little while longer

in the sweet



not just a memory

but the beautiful

evidence of growth

that lingers on my clothes

on the soles of my feet

calloused from travel

don't evaporate so fast

i whisper quietly

my tears

do not dry

as quickly

as the dewdrops

you've left on the ground


just a little while longer

let me soak up

every last drop

let's be kids again

beautiful dewdrop

of mine

dance in the rain

with me

just a little while longer

before you disappear

into the sweet




Jul 25, 2022

thank you for sharing your poetry! this is exactly the feeling I've had nearly every time I've moved, and you put it into words much better than I could have


Mar 24, 2022

This poem is beautiful! It really hit home for me. Thank you so much for sharing your work.

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