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Dandelion in a Forest

This poem was sent to us by Addie Z., a 12th grader stationed in the United States. Do you have a story to share with your fellow military teens? Visit our writing page to find out how you can submit to Bloom!

I am a dandelion

“It must be nice to be friends with the wind”

Once upon a time it was

My roots didn’t grow so deep back then

And her gentle warning breeze was enough

“You make friends so easily”

But I don’t want to

It hurts to get close to someone

Only to know our last conversation will be in a year or two

I land in fields of fellow dandelions

They could be taken by the wind at any time

I land in fields of trees that I don’t belong in

Their roots spread so deep and they speak so loud

I’m a dandelion who wishes she were a tree


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