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Updated: Oct 28, 2022

A "poem" of the moves I have experienced through metaphor.

A dandelion has risen, and she is born in a world full of sunshine and rainbows. An island, where she is ignorant of the world. But soon enough she will be introduced to the rest of the dandelions and she will find her people.

The dandelion has found a new home. This home is sunshine and friends, and running barefoot in the grass with her sister. This home holds new possibilities and new people. This home is good.

Home is a new place now. The dandelion is happy. She grows and laughs and says goodbye, but she doesn't understand. She will see her friends again, she knows she will.

The dandelion moves to a desert where her people are few and far between, but by now she knows the drill. New place, new people, new home. She makes friends of a lifetime and she never forgets the laughs they shared.

The dandelion's new house is one where hundreds have lived before her, and she falls in love with this idea.

The next place the dandelion travels is different and yet the same as all of the other places that she has called home. Here is where she will learn about the world and how to find her place. Here she will make friends closer than family. Here she will thrive.


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