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Best Summer Activities, by the Region (Part 1)

Summers for military kids are often times of change. Thankfully, most places in the US have the typical staples of summer (pools, popsicles, sweltering heat, etc) that make up a vacation. Besides these universal facets, different regions of the United States have different strengths. In this two-part series, I’m going to try and find the best summer options for each of the four USA regions.

The Northeast

The Northeast may conjure images of urban paradise- skyscrapers rooted in city blocks, puncturing the atmosphere; architectural marvels and detailed statues seasoning the street; a snack or ice cream from a sidewalk vendor as you traverse the town. Remember, though, this is summer, as well as prime tourist season. Chances are, you’re not the only one trying to enjoy these sights. The typical crowd of a city can quickly become unbearable on a July afternoon- when you can’t even pause to tend your dripping ice cream, or you’ll be trampled in a stampede of sightseers. Consider not bustling among thousands of New York City visitors, and venture upstate or to Maine or Vermont for a hiking trip. You can count on relative isolation and immerse yourself in nature. Countless trails can provide great views and elbow room as you walk. Maples, firs, and pines can shade you as you explore. Enjoy mountains, lakes, or ponds, but make sure to bring your own ice cream.


Mount Mansfield, VT

Acadia National Park, ME

Niagara Falls, NY

The West

Here’s an option that covers animal lovers, nature buffs, and fitness enthusiasts. Horseback riding is a great way to explore beautiful land or simply enjoy the presence of an animal. There are lots of places to ride in the West. Like cowgirls and cowboys of old, you can mount a steed and ride off into the sunset… or at least a couple of miles. Places like the Alisal Guest Ranch let people who prefer keeping their feet on the ground pet or feed horses. The West is the best region for riding, from the hills of California to the historic Cheyenne Frontier Days festival in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Western America has some of the best the country can offer when it comes to blue skies and horseback riding trips.


S&D Horseback Riding, CA

Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch, NM

Wilson Ranches Retreat, OR


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