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Creator Spotlight


The Window Seat

Zoe B.

"Here I am again,
staring out a window at the concrete,
as the engines begin to roar.


I try not to think,
because then I might cry. "

Life Seasons

Anna V.

"Summer ending,
New beginning.
A flower curling, dying, breaking.
A flower unfurling, blooming, growing.
End is beginning, beginning is ending.
School is starting.
A year beginning."

An Odyssey Through Green Pastures Sonnet

Matthew Ahn

"Greens pastures sprinkled white and yellow;
Dandelions dancing to the soft, velvet breeze;
The air, crisp, and the fields, mellow;
But a seasonal gust whisks away its seeds."


DJ McCoy

"Even before the incident
Of Emmett Till
To whenever the national anthem
Has someone kneel"

The Road-Map Called My Home

Anna V.

""Where do you live?"
Response: "You have to be more specific."
Blank faces look at me.
"I've lived in state one, state two, state three... state I've lost count by now.""

Ways Away: A Valentine's Day Poem

DJ McCoy

"Ways away, ways away
Ways away, ways away
The tale of military love
That still lives today"



"A dandelion has risen, and she is born in a world full of sunshine and rainbows. An island, where she is ignorant of the world. But soon enough she will be introduced to the rest of the dandelions and she will find her people."

Oh, the Things You Can Do!


"A child of a soldier.
A special child indeed!
While your life may be hard
It’s the life you lead.
You may be different from your non-military peers.
You may even have to move every other year."


Elena A.

South Florida

"Some people say they aren’t proud of our country.
And I’m puzzled by that.
But when I think of being proud of my country, I think past the policies, and presidents, and parties, and politics,
I think of the people.
The people who sacrifice everything to protect us.
The people who are willing to die so we can be free."

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