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DJ McCoy

Even before the incident
Of Emmett Till
To whenever the national anthem
Has someone kneel

We’ve been given the shadow of doubt
Or the fodder, or the heel
All of us being compared
To those who lie, kill, and steal

A reminder that
We shouldn’t be immediately rendered
As a slave, murderer, robber,
Or a registered sex offender

The trial of Bill Cosby
Shouldn’t affect what people think of me
Or whatever someone thinks
When a black man is what they see

Our race was always stuck in a hole
Without the shovel
For some reason
We weren’t on any other human’s level

The bondage and the slavery
Were correct and right deeds ??
Cause when they thumped their bible
And read their John 3:16’s ??

They never thought we were human
At the thought, they would bark
Why offend us so
When their SAVIOR is dark

And when it ended
We thanked God and Lincoln
We prayed about the right things
That others should be thinkin’

The hatred was still there
It was all still apparent
No one wanted to be near us
No one wanted to start sharing

The land that we fought
And sacrificed blood for
The land where the monarchy
And tyranny were no more

The states were united
But humans were divided
Cuz of an incorrect point
Where they didn’t feel the need to enlighten

Me. No one understood
It was all arbitrary
All things that people said
We acted the “contrary”

Entered the movement
Where we exited the shell
Standing high without fear
Like we never even fell

We had boycotts
Against segregation
Slowly turning some opinions
Around in the nation

Rosa Parks igniting sparks
Sitting on the bus
Not moving at the requests
Causing some of the fuss

Breaking down the barriers
Destroying all the walls
The proverbial glass ceiling
Would be broken once and for all

And even though some of ours were killed
By people who didn’t see
That black people like me
Are more than what you want us to be

It was too late
The revolution had begun
Not to claim supremacy
And not just for fun

But to take a stand
That we are on equal ground
No longer the slaves on chains
Controlled and pushed around

No more whip hits
That would open you up
Salt to heal
And cover the cut

No more chains
To dangle my feet
While watching my family
Get sold and beat

Or killed even
It was slave season
We were in the wrong
Without any reason

Thought as animals
In human form
Something odd and
Out of the norm

Something out of the rhythm
Something out of the funk
Something God made while
He may have been drunk

Cause we are a mistake
And you want us to be a mystery
Even though it is too late
We are already in history

And we have moved past the time
Where Jim Crow ruled
Making African-Americans
Seem like abstract fools

And although it’s correct
Some of us like to entertain
But never to the point
Where MLK’s efforts were just in vain

And now as I breathe
I sniff in a less prejudicial air
But I still know for sure
That the racism’s everywhere

We are praised for music
Black excellence and black power
And are now able to live
Knowing it’s not our final hour

Some rights are corrected
Along with some people, too
And it just goes to show
The changes the world can go through

Still have miles to complete
Maybe we always will
We have to keep up the fight
The battle is still uphill

No one can wish us out if it
Our lives are no mystery
Black culture is to be remembered
And so is black history

No one will wish of us out if it
Our lives will never be mystery
Black culture is to be celebrated
And so is black history

Black culture is amazing
Cuz the memories are no mystery
Black culture is amazing
And so is black history

Author's Statement

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