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An Odyssey Through Green Pastures Sonnet

Matthew Ahn

Greens pastures sprinkled white and yellow;
Dandelions dancing to the soft, velvet breeze;
The air, crisp, and the fields, mellow;
But a seasonal gust whisks away its seeds.

Away they are carried for miles and miles;
The mindful meadows they now leave;
Through the empty space and for quite a while;
A home like that, will they have reprieve?

A rugged landing along the coarse grass;
After days of rain and shine;
Their roots burrow deep and their stems grow fast;
A green pasture: a white and yellow design.

These journeys might be worth it, in my mind;
Because don’t we leave beautiful pastures behind?

Author's Statement

Much like that seasonal gust, PCS season can come suddenly. From those familiar fields all the way to new locations, it can be difficult to adapt and grow in these environments. Whether you are just landing in a new field or have already rooted yourselves, know that your struggles and growth are all progress in building this new meadow. Take pride in your progress!

Do you have poetry to share with your fellow military teens?

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