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Hadley W.

Hater of Football


Hey, I’m Hadley, a current Texas resident and sophomore in high school. I’m an Army Brat and proud of it, and I love reading YA novels! Other books are fine too, but none of them are as interesting to me. I’ve lived in Kansas, North Carolina(twice), Germany, Missouri, Arizona, and now Texas. (The first thing they said to me when I got here was, “Congratulations, now you have Whataburger.”) I play varsity volleyball and have a deep dislike for football, since our games are on the same nights. Guess which one gets a bigger crowd, especially in Texas? I’m also the Program Liaison for my school’s Stitch Service, a club dedicated to knitting, crocheting, and sewing for charity. (We also watch Netflix and eat brownies during lunch, but we don’t talk about that part.)



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