People Make The Places!

I once heard the phrase "people make the places", and I didn’t realize then how true that would ring to the military teen until recently. We are constantly moved from place to place, having to abandon the physical friendship but taking with us the memories and experiences. The place we move to may have a wonderful beach or an adventurous mountain, but the people make the place because having friends to share in your adventures and experiences helps you make memories. The memories are what we take with us when we move again and again and leave our friends. However, making friends isn’t always easy. ​ The pace of moving may not sync with your ability and style of making friends. However, it wi

COVID-19 Mental Health: How to Overcome the Sudden Change

The COVID-19 pandemic has become one of the trickiest problems to manage and overcome in the modern world. Since a sufficient vaccine will take more time before being available for worldwide usage, most countries have advised citizens to stay home and only go out when it's essential, to wear a cloth mask covering the mouth and nose, to use hand sanitizer or wash hands frequently, and to maintain a 2-meter distance from everyone else. The application of these methods to everyday life helps reduce the spread of the virus and the death toll. These precautions are all for protecting physical health during the pandemic, especially for those who are at higher risk. But although mental health is le

Seven Tips for PCS-ing in 2020

Many people (myself included) were due to PCS this summer, and few had the opportunity to do so due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Moving is always tough, and having to do it in the middle of a viral outbreak doesn't help at all. I was fortunate enough to PCS right on schedule, but if that's not the case for you, here are a couple of tips to help on your journey. 1. Have important paperwork and identification handy at all times. This is a no-brainer for international travel (or crossing state borders). Your parents may take care of this, but it is smart to make sure you've got a copy of your orders and your passport handy at all times, as well as any plane/train tickets you will need. 2. Not a ba

Overcoming Negativity

It was two-thirty in the morning when we arrived at the Watertown International Airport, located in upstate New York about thirty minutes from the Canadian border. We had just moved from our beloved three-year home in Daegu, South Korea. As I walked out of the barely-functioning 32-passenger aircraft and onto the hard floor of the runway, I noticed a small building the size of a house to my right. To my disbelief, the building was the entire airport. The “baggage claim” was nothing but a small room with a singular conveyor belt, similar in size to the ones located in the cashier of a local grocery store. As an employee began to aggressively throw bags and other luggage onto the conveyor belt

Been there... Done that...: The "You Can Do It" of Quarantine and Beyond!

We all know there is one thing on everyone's minds. Corona. It's on the news. It's on TV, in newspapers (if those are still a thing anymore...fix: ONLINE newspapers!), and everything else that gives us info on about pretty much anything we know. And now quarantine... Until when? The backlog it's going to create with everyone trying to PCS... I do not envy the headaches it's going to cause... and has already caused. And school! Don't even get me started on that. We are all in online school, which is great. I've always wanted to try homeschooling... except that we are kind of contained within our homes. We all love our families, but we all need our space, too. It's now or never. It's at this p

How to Escape the "2020 Funk"

The world has been super crazy these past few months. We’ve had the threat of world war, a pandemic, protests, and even murder hornets! It’s totally natural to feel anxious or stressed during this crazy time; trust me, we’ve all been in a "2020 funk." I’m no therapist, but I have a few tips for how you can deal with the trials of 2020 from the socially-distanced comfort of your own home. Watch a New Movie Nothing transports you out of the real world like a good movie! I prefer watching comedies to help distract me from my worries. A new movie I enjoyed was Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. It’s a hilariously delightful movie, and it’s even funnier if you used to live in Europe

Planting a Seed: Five Reasons it Pays to Have an Off-Post Community

One of the many advantages of military life is getting to interact with a diverse range of people. No, I'm not talking about the other military brats or families around us, although I've enjoyed getting to know many of them too. I'm talking about the non-military community in the towns around the installations that have impacted my life in so many ways. In many military towns, there are countless institutions that promote collaboration between military families and locals. For my family, our primary "off-post interaction" has always been a local church, but other examples include youth sports teams, school extracurriculars (especially for high schoolers), jobs, and volunteering. Not only is

My Favorite Promotion of All Time

Promotions are a special part of our parents' and family members' military careers. If you have a family member in the military, chances are you’ve been to a promotion ceremony. Growing up, I remember how important the ceremonies had to be. How everything had to go according to plan in a strict manner. It was a lot like a checklist to me, where you completed one thing and moved onto the next in an orderly fashion. I thought that was how I was going to feel when my dad had his promotion ceremony this year, strict and immovable. This one was a very big deal to my dad and our family so I figured the over the top factor would be through the roof, as is true with most promotion ceremonies. Oddly

Interior Decorating for Military Teens

Sick and tired of your bland walls and boring rooms? With these decorating tip, you may be able to add some personality to our room!

Where are We? The Misrepresentation of Military-Affiliated Individuals in Pop Culture

Fun fact: there are currently 1.3 million school-aged military kids in the United States. We're attending public school, private school, DODEA schools, etc. across the world, so you'd expect to see a little more of us represented in ads, movies, programs, TV shows, magazines, books, or the general news. And yet, we are nowhere to be seen. When we are, it's during the solar eclipse on February 29th at 11:11. We are portrayed as the quirky kid who mysteriously moves into town and moves out once the storyline is no longer in need of a supporting character. The kid's father is a stiff general and the house rules are non-negotiable. Now, as someone who has moved eleven times in fourteen years, I

Japan vs. Korea

-A look at an age old rivalry from the view of a military teen who’s lived in both places. Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloom, nor is Bloom predominately a news website, so do not expect everything in this article to be 100% accurate. After living in Germany, my family moved to Japan, another of World War II's Axis Powers. Both nations are obviously very different, but one thing that stood out to me was their treatment of their pasts. In Germany, it seemed like most people were truly ashamed of what the Nazis did in WWII, however in Japan it seemed people weren't quite as repentant. The old Rising Sun Flag from World War II, arguabl

The Chronicles of Traveling During Coronatimes

Every military family stationed overseas knows the story: traveling thousands of kilometers back to America for the summer, dragging gifts for family from your host nation. This past month I made the same trek from South Korea to Michigan, which was no small feat. The journey back to the States is usually a little stressful, and never the same as the last, but this time it was very different thanks to our good friend Coronavirus. Between getting your Exception to Policy (ETP) to travel and hoping your connecting flight doesn't get cancelled, it's much more work and stress than usual as your travels deviate so far from pre-COVID "normal." I'll start from the origin of our travels, Incheon Int

Bloom takes pride in being a safe platform for military kids to share their stories and be empowered. All of the opinions/beliefs expressed in articles belong solely to the author and are not a reflection of the views of the founders and editors of Bloom. Additionally, we understand the struggles and emotions of being a military child, but are not a mental health resource and are therefore unequipped to administer advice and assistance in that area. If you or a loved one are suffering from depression, abuse, or trauma, please visit our Resources page to find help.


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