Germany: Making the Most of a New Move

It's November 2013 when Dad calls us from Afghanistan, where he has been deployed for the last year. After he comes back next month, we aren’t going to stay in Hawaii for another year like we thought- nope, we’re moving to Germany! It’s not that I particularly liked Hickam AFB, or the school, or was sad about leaving friends behind - I cried and grieved for something else. In Germany, I would have to stop surfing. The military was taking away my addiction. After we got a house off-base, in Scharnhausen, Ostfildern, things started to look a bit better. No, I couldn’t surf, but I think I learned a good life lesson from that - don’t get so addicted to something that you can hardly live wit

The Chronicles of QuaranTeen

My name is Hadley, and I’m fourteen years old. I live in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where my dad is the Chief of Staff of the 82nd Airborne Division. I’ve lived here for two years, and I’ll be moving over the summer. I go to Albritton Middle School, where I was the Yearbook Editor and became the president of the National Junior Honor Society. I played volleyball and was a track manager. The coronavirus put all of that and so much more on hold. It didn’t seem like the pandemic was such a big deal when we were only hearing about it on the news, but then our school canceled all the spring sports. Since DODEA isn’t part of the North Carolina School District, they couldn’t tell us to shut down l

Against All Odds, I Found My Home as A Military Kid

Okay, to clarify, this is one of the most emotional topics for me to discuss. Not because it’s a sad one, but because it brings me so much joy. High-key crying while typing this article, which is not only because it is 1 a.m. I promise. Picture this for me… The familiar images; camouflage uniforms, blazoned flags, all sorts of different firearms, unit t-shirts, and a DoDEA school right in the middle of it all. The only difference was the 30 different flags displayed on the sleeves of the varying BDU patterns, according to country and military branch. This was not just any other military base, this was SHAPE. Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, the military headquarters for the North A

Every Experience is Different

Being a military kid gives you experiences that give you a different view. It depends where you go. For example, moving overseas gives you a different experience than just moving in the states. I moved overseas twice. After five years of my first overseas move, I moved back to Kentucky. Those were my first two years back in the U.S. While I was there, 95% of the kids had never lived overseas. There were about 3 Asian kids in total, myself included. Since I lived in Korea for 2nd to 6th grade, my main memories were made there. The school was on a military base. The students in Kentucky didn’t really understand why I only talked about Asia. They thought it was kind of weird. They made very ste

How moving has helped me grow

Jewish, Cajun, Navy brat and obstinate. All these words encapsulate who I am. Growing up all over the world, I haven't had the typical, suburban childhood that most think of when wondering what life is like as an American. Born near Seattle, Washington, I have moved to a variety of locations all over the world. From Italy to Japan to Maryland, each location has been an opportunity for me to grow and develop as a person. The pressures of being the son of a father in the military are never easy. Friends move away, parents get deployed, and every three years, we must pick up our stuff and move on to our new homes. One of the hardest parts of this constant moving is the transition between school

Don’t Neglect Your Bucket List!

We all have things on our minds at the moment, whether it’s quarantine or online school. But have you thought lately about your bucket list? Bucket lists don’t necessarily have to be things you want to do before you turn 80, they can be things you want to do before you graduate high school or before you finish college. Take some time to explore your bucket list today, and you might find it’s good for a much-needed mental break. If you don’t know where to start or don’t have a bucket list, you could always google how to make a one. One article I found gave tips such as “think of things you wanted to do when you were a kid, add some predictable stuff and then add some weird stuff!” I was curio

Dino-mite Teens: Hudak siblings bring roaring good times to Camp Humphreys

Photo Courtesy of Gwen Hudak The line outside the commissary stretches on for what seems like forever. As a handful of people exits the store, the soldier manning the entrance ushers in the next batch. The row of shopping carts lining the street inches forward ever so slightly. No one looks like they're having fun. Enter the dinosaurs. A triceratops, T-rex and velociraptor casually strut down the sidewalk past the line of shoppers. Heads turn. Phones are whipped out. Smiles light up on faces. What was once a long, boring, miserable wait to get into the Commissary has turned into the highlight of many people's days. Beginning in late March, residents of Camp Humphreys, South Korea experienced

A House Divided Takes on the Army Navy Game

Since birth, I have been raised to know the significance of December. Yes, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and New Year's Eve are all important days in December, but that was not why December was so meaningful to my family and I. December means the biggest rivalry game in football, Army vs Navy. This game means everything to my dad, a forever Army football fanatic. Up until this year, I, too, was a diehard Army fan, screaming "Go Army Beat Navy" at the television. However, that all changed when my sister started attending the Naval Academy. Our family officially became a house divided, my dad cheering on Army and my sister cheering on Navy. My mom and I were bewildered and had no idea what to

The Bubble has Burst: COVID-19 and Americans in Korea

It was showtime. The school bell had rung, the students had left their classrooms, and the Humphreys High School gym was full of athletes and performers ready to kick off the 2020 Far East Basketball Tournament. I was part of the drum line, and we were set to close out the ceremony with a bang (get it? cuz drums?), performing alongside the Step Team. It was going to be epic, and I couldn't wait to get out on the court and burst some eardrums. My current home, Camp Humphreys, South Korea, is the largest Army installation in South Korea and the entire Pacific. It was also the 2020 location for the Far East boys basketball tournament, which is DoDEA Pacific's equivalent to a State Championship,

For The Kids Who Will Move During COVID-19

This is for the military kids who will move this summer. This is for the kids who will pack up their houses with masks on. This is for the student who cried about never being able to return to their beloved school. This is for the athlete who was excited for their spring season, but will never get to play with their team again. This is for the theatre kid whose show was cancelled without a proper goodbye to the cast. This is for the band or indoor percussion kid who never got to perform one last time with their friends. This is for the shy kid who just made friends and now can’t say goodbye. This is for the kid who has lived in one place for years, and knew this move was going to be hard. Bu

Coronavirus: Three Stories of its Impact on Military Teens

COVID-19 has swept across the planet, leaving tears, pain, and destruction everywhere it goes. Three military kids describe how it has impacted them. Mackenzie, Age 12 Mackenzie has been living in Washington, D.C for the past two years and is loving it!! She is currently in her third, and final, year at the duty station before she moves to Georgia. Having the best of friends, starting on an amazing basketball team, living in the dream house, and being so close to so many important buildings, Mackenzie is not looking forward to leaving D.C. But at least she has a few more months with her friends, team, and time to explore, right? That's what Mackenzie thought, until the Coronavirus swept t

To the Class of 2020

I should begin by simply stating that I am not a normal senior, as cheesy as that sounds. I am a military child who has spent the last 3 years in South Korea and spent more of my life overseas than in the states. That being said, I am proud to represent the class of 2020. Living in South Korea, I have been quarantined for 10 weeks. Unlike many in the United States and European countries, we have not yet received any word regarding if we will have the rest of our school year or not. This has left our school teachers, staff, and students in utter disarray. Regardless of the location where you currently reside, this is a stressful time for anyone. Your feelings are valid regardless of your age.

Welcome to Bloom in Quarantine Week!

The last few months have been...crazy, to say the least. We went from going about business as usual to being locked in our houses, trying to escape a deadly virus. Many states and countries have issued stay-at-home orders in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. So, you’re probably reading this (out of sheer boredom) from the comfort of your home. We’ve all been settling into our new normal, staying home and safe. For many, quarantine has given us time to plug back into the things we love, like hobbies and exercise. People are taking advantage of this unfavorable situation and bettering themselves. We here at Bloom want to encourage you to do the same! This week is Bloom in Quarantine

Bloom takes pride in being a safe platform for military kids to share their stories and be empowered. All of the opinions/beliefs expressed in articles belong solely to the author and are not a reflection of the views of the founders and editors of Bloom. Additionally, we understand the struggles and emotions of being a military child, but are not a mental health resource and are therefore unequipped to administer advice and assistance in that area. If you or a loved one are suffering from depression, abuse, or trauma, please visit our Resources page to find help.


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