Anna V.

Creative Genius

Creative Director - Visual Art

Hi! I'm Anna, and I am the definition of a Army brat, and have been in the military-brat circle for my entire life. I have lived in 9 states in the United States, and can't wait until I'm able to go overseas! I really like to write, draw, act, really to do anything creative! I really enjoy ballroom dancing, and I am a total nerd!

I am excited to be a blogger for Bloom, and ready to start a new adventure! I can't wait to help share words of wisdom, adventure, and excitement with other military brats!


Bloom takes pride in being a safe, nonpartisan platform for military kids to share their stories and be empowered. All of the opinions expressed in articles belong solely to the author and are not a reflection of the views of the founders and editors of Bloom. Additionally, we understand the struggles and emotions of being a military child, but are not a mental health resource and are therefore unequipped to administer advice and assistance in that area. If you or a loved one are suffering from depression, abuse, or trauma, please visit our Resources page to find help.

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